All posters of selected papers will be presented during the three days of the conference at the same room where coffee and lunch take place.

During these breaks, it is recommended that authors stay close to their posters for answering the questions of the participants and to discuss about their research. Authors have the possibility to get their poster printed and placed by the organization of the Conference. In this case authors should send the last version of their posters to before 1st May (25€ fee).

In addition, a selection of posters will be presented on Monday and Tuesday during the poster sessions. Authors interested in presenting their posters during these sessions will have the opportunity to participate in “EATA2019 Best Poster Award”. After the presentations, EATA2019 Best Poster Award Jury will select the best 3 posters, the winners will be offered the possibility to submit a revised version of the manuscript to be published in the Road Material and Pavement Design Journal following a fast-track review process. To participate in the “EATA2019 Best Poster Award”, authors have to send the final version of their posters in PDF before May 1st to (indicating “Participation in EATA2019 Best Poster Award”) and to be registered in the conference.

The selection for the best EATA 2019 posters will be based on their corresponding presentations during the Sessions to be held on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th of June, from 12:30 to 13:45. Each participant will have a maximum of 3 minutes to present their poster, following a similar format to the famous “3 Minutes Thesis” competition developed by the University of Queensland, Australia.

Based on these considerations, the rules to be followed during the presentations are:

  • Authors should only present information provided in the poster; Authors should transmit what your research is, how you carried it out, what you have discovered and why it is an important contribution to knowledge in asphalt community.
  • The presentation will be NO MORE than 3 minutes, competitors exceeding 3 minutes are disqualified (presentations are considered to have commenced when participants starts their speech).
  • The only material allowed to be used in your presentation is your poster (which will be shown on the screen during the presentation); No additional electronic media or props are permitted.

In order to succeed, the organizing committee recommends the participants to follow these tips:

  • Breakdown your complex ideas into simpler concepts. This is not about dumbing down, but gradually developing complex ideas to take the audience on a journey through your topic;
  • If your research has an obvious application then use it to engage the audience early;
  • Hooks – get the audience excited about what you are doing as quickly as possible with a hook. A hook is something that builds intrigue, suspense or raises a question in the audiences’ mind;
  • Body Language – think about how you are going to stand and deliver your talk;
  • Tone of Voice – even a 3 minutes presentation will seem dull if delivered in a monotone. Remember to show the audience your enthusiasm;
  • Have a clear outcome in mind - Know what you want your audience to take away from your presentation;
  • Do not write your presentation like a paper. Try to use shorter words, shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs.

The poster template can be downloaded from the following link

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